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About Us

Dangler Design, a firm of distinctive innovation – brings new ideas and innovative design together. In the design + build world, we give ‘old space new purpose’ and with a fashionable twist. Balancing quality innovation with enduring designs that stand the test of time is a philosophy of our firm.

Think of what our firm delivers as ‘timeless with a twist’. You want your kitchen to look unique and personal, and to look as great in five years as it does today. Whether it’s your kitchen, bath or entire home, positioning your renovation investment is key to increasing the value of your property. Through our value proposition thought process, we keep all of our discussions of your dreams and desires at the forefront of our minds and through the design process bring to life a classic style with trendy touches.

Secrets we hold true to:

  • Functional and beautiful
  • Living distinctively
  • Advanced planning
  • Detailed oriented
  • Well managed from conception to completion

We are a firm you can trust to do the best job for you.

Discover how we are different today.